First-Time Tree Planting Tips from your Wichita Tree Specialists

a man and a woman work together to plant a young tree in a yard

How to Ensure Your First Foray into Tree Planting is a Success

There’s a first time for everything, but nothing sticks out quite like the first time you plant a tree. The memory of it will quite literally grow right before your very eyes. Your tree will provide shade for picnics and keep your house cooler in the summer. It will boost your home’s curb appeal with its brilliant colors. As any tree specialist will tell you, having a gorgeous, sturdy tree on your property has no downsides.

So, let’s ask the million-dollar question: How exactly do you go about planting a tree?

It’s a combination of timing, technique, selection, and maintenance. Don’t worry – it’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are the top seven tips to follow for your first foray into tree planting, straight from your local Wichita tree service.

#1 – Dig Safely

The last thing that you want to do is pierce an important cable with your shovel. Kick things off by contacting Kansas 811. They are the underground utility notification center for the state of Kansas. You can either call them directly or visit them online to request that they mark your underground utility lines and pipes.

#2 – Choose the Right Tree for Your Yard Size and Planting Zone

When it comes to trees, you need to think ahead…many years ahead, in fact. Even the tiniest of saplings is capable of growing over 50 feet with a huge canopy. Thoroughly research the tree you plan to plant to ensure it is a proper fit for your yard and that it will be able to thrive in your specific planting zone. For instance, Kansas mainly falls into zone 6.

Contact a certified arborist near you at Huff’s Tree Service if you need any help selecting trees for your specific zone. Our tree specialists are more than happy to throw out a few recommendations.

#3 – Prep Your Tree for Planting

You will give your tree the best chance at flourishing by removing any “extras” it may have on it prior to planting. Remove the root ball containment along with any other cords, wires, nursery labels, peat pots, and burlap. Untangle and disrupt the roots if they have become twisted or formed to the shape of its prior container. This will encourage healthy root growth and development.

#4 – Choose the Right Location and Prepare a Proper Planting Hole

Choose the right location for your tree by being mindful of utility lines and pipe markings. You also want to ensure your tree is the appropriate distance away from your property. Create a proper hole by making it three times wider than the current mass of roots; however, you don’t want to plant it any deeper than how you bought it from the tree nursery. The part of the trunk where the tree flares out should be slightly exposed once it’s in the soil.

#5 – Add Mulch

Starting at the trunk and expanding all the way to where the limbs reach, add organic material such as shredded leaves, ground bark, or other high-quality mulch. Adding mulch will help maintain moisture for the tree. If you have questions about picking out the right mulch, contact our tree specialists at Huff’s Tree Service for info.

#6 – Water Often

Unfortunately, you can’t just plant a new tree and expect nature to take care of the rest. New trees require plenty of water, especially if you’re planting during a dry season or if it’s particularly hot outside. Plan on watering your tree at least once per week throughout the first season of its growth. Set a weekly reminder on your phone so you don’t forget.

#7 – Protect the Tree

Once your tree is in the ground, you’ll need to implement some protective measures to ensure it can grow undisturbed. Kids, pets, and lawncare equipment are the biggest concerns. The most efficient way to do this is by installing a seedling/sapling protector. This device is like a small fence that encompasses the tree above ground so it can take root below.

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