Got Winter Tree Goals? A Certified Arborist Near You Can Help!

an arborist perched on a barren tree's trunk using a chainsaw

How to Get Professional Tree Service in Wichita to Kick Off the New Year

It’s getting mighty cold out here in Wichita. We’ve already gotten some snow and morning frost on the family vehicle is a regular occurrence now. Most folks are going through their typical winter prep before the new year. That means cleaning the gutters one last time, checking all the windows and doors for drafts, and reversing the ceiling fans so that warm air is pushed down.

There’s so much to do to prep your home and vehicle for another Wichita winter that you may have overlooked a few big items you pass by everyday – your trees. Although trees go dormant in the winter and pretty much take care of themselves, there are some basic tree care tips you can follow to ensure your trees can withstand the winter weather so they can thrive again in the spring.

As a certified arborist near you in Wichita that has been providing professional tree service to residents for years, we want you to have the healthiest, lushest trees on the block once spring finally rolls around again. Here are a few tips from our resident tree specialists.

#1 – Now is the Best Time for Tree and Stump Removal

You may believe that summer and spring is the best time for tree removal because the ground is at its softest. However, winter is actually the best time to perform tree and stump removal. There are a few reasons why getting this professional tree service works better in the winter.

  • Pests are dead and diseases can’t spread during cold weather. If you’re dealing with a sick tree, right now is the most opportune time to remove it to ensure it doesn’t infect the others.
  • Hard or frozen ground is less susceptible to the natural wear and tear that comes with removing a stump. Tree and stump removal generally involves bringing heavy equipment onto your lawn.
  • No chance of harming gardens or flowers. Since all the spring and summer foliage has gone dormant, there’s no chance of causing those items any harm.
  • Dormant or dead trees or easier to handle in the winter. Since we don’t have to worry about a huge canopy of leaves, this makes the tree removal process much simpler and quicker.

#2 – Some Trees Require Pre-Winter Pruning

Winter is the time when knowing a tree specialist or certified arborist near you comes in handy. As longtime residents of Wichita, tree service and knowing which trees need what done to them can be a lot to track for some folks. Some trees need a pre-winter pruning so they can thrive again in the spring. Others are best left alone. It all depends on the species of tree and its current condition.

Whatever the case may be, it’s always a good idea to enlist the help of a professional tree service so they can tell you which trees need pruning. Remember, snow is heavy, so our tree specialists also look for weak or dead branches that may break under the weight of snowfall. If you’ve been looking for tree trimming service near you, contact the team at Huff’s Tree Service.

#3 – Some Trees Need Added Protection

Most trees are more than capable of making it through the winter on their own. Other trees need a little extra help in that department. This is exactly where cabling and bracing come into play. It’s a time-tested technique used by tree specialists to give weaker or defective trees the support they need to endure the winter elements.

Get in touch with a certified arborist near you at Huff’s Tree Service today. We can survey the property and inspect your trees. In the event that we see any trees that won’t be able to withstand a Wichita winter, we’ll be happy to cable and brace them.

Ready to Book Your Professional Tree Service with a Certified Arborist? Contact Us Today!

The end of the year is the perfect time to give you trees one last round of service and preparation before the temperatures take hard nosedive. Before you know it, Wichita will be getting hit with the typical snow and ice storms that the Midwest is famous for. If there is a sick tree on your property, a stump that needs to be removed, or weak branches that will break under the weight of snow – now is the time to deal with them.

Huff’s Tree Service provides a full suite of professional tree services to ensure your trees are ready to face the winter so that they may thrive in the spring. You can get in touch with us by using the contact form on our website or by calling (316) 871-3841 during our normal business hours (M-F: 8am to 4pm).