Winter Tree Removal Best Practices

a backyard of barren trees in winter

How to Get Professional Tree and Stump Removal Services from a Tree Specialist Near You in Wichita

We’re in the thick of the holiday season, which means that we have to shift our landscaping mentality over to cold weather mode. As a certified arborist near you, we can tell you firsthand that this time of year is when we get the most questions from homeowners about what they can and cannot do with their trees and landscaping.

Tree care and how we handle landscaping and plants completely changes in the cold weather months. First, we’ll start off with some good news. Now that the temperatures have dipped down, you won’t have to worry about the spread of diseases and pests amongst your trees.

This also means that if you do any cold weather tree care, such as pruning, you’ll have an easier time seeing your cuts and won’t have to worry about your pruned branches being invaded by unwanted elements. It’s also worth noting that fruit trees that are pruned in the winter facilitates more fruitful trees when they blossom again in the spring.

However, maybe you have the opposite challenge. Perhaps you’re entering winter with a tree that needs to be removed from your property. It’s colder out and the ground is much harder than normal due to the decreased temperature, so what does that mean in terms of tree and stump removal services?

Let’s dig in a little deeper on how professional tree service works during the cold winter months. Once you have a better understanding of our tree and stump removal services, you can get in contact with the tree specialists near you in Wichita at Huff’s Tree Service.

An Overview of Tree and Stump Removal Services in the Winter

We’ll address the big question right away: Can you get tree and stump removal services in the winter? You absolutely can. In fact, there are several reasons why landscapers and professional tree service companies find that doing this kind of work in the winter is easier on customers and their landscaping. The main reasons include:

Better visuals of the tree: With the leaves gone, assessing a tree and how it should be methodically cut down and removed is far easier compared to doing it in the summer. Even for a professional tree service, leaves make the job far more difficult.

Less damage to the surrounding landscaping: During the winter months, all your plants and flowers are dormant, which means they won’t be affected by tree and stump removal services. This also means that the ground of your yard is hard and less susceptible to damage that may be caused from heavy equipment.

Mitigates the spread of disease: As previously mentioned, cold weather is when diseases and pests are the least of your worries. If you have a sick tree, winter is the perfect time to get professional tree service performed.

Pro tip: If you suspect your tree is sick but you’re not sure, contact a certified arborist near you at Huff’s Tree Service. Our tree specialists will be happy to diagnose the tree and then discuss next steps with you.

Ease of scheduling: It probably comes as no surprise that summer and spring are the busiest time of year for professional tree service companies and tree specialists. People are far more concerned about tree care when it’s warm out. Once the leaves fall off and that first frost hits, most homeowners put their landscaping goals on hold for a few months.

This is why winter is the perfect time to schedule tree and stump removal services. With less people scheduling professional tree service, that usually means we’re super flexible about appointments during the winter.

Ready to Schedule Tree and Stump Removal Services? Let’s Get Started!

You’ve got a tree you want to get rid of and probably a few questions about things like cost, time of removal, and how soon you can get on the calendar. The first step is to get in touch with us either by using the contact form on our website or by calling (316) 871-3841 during our normal business hours (M-F: 8am to 4pm).

Once we gather a little bit of information regarding the state of the tree that needs to be removed, we can provide more details about cost, how long the removal will take, and when we can get our team to your home. We keep our tree and stump removal services as competitively priced as possible, so please get in touch with us for a quote. Huff’s Tree Service is always happy to help.