8 Reasons Your Local Arborist Recommends Planting a Tree Native to Wichita, Kansas

a dogwood tree full of white blossoms in the center of a green yard

Give Your Trees the Best Chance to Thrive by Going with a Native Species

Native and non-native.

These are very important distinctions to make if you plan on planting a tree on your property in Wichita, Kansas. The United States consists of several different planting zones, which is the main guide for arborists regarding what foliage will do best in specific areas of the country.

For instance, there’s a reason why you only see palm trees in sunny locales like Florida and California. Palm trees happen to be native to those areas, and so they need very little to no help to grow and thrive. However, if you planted that same species of tree to the Wichita area, it would not make it through its first winter. That’s because palm trees are highly susceptible to traditional cold winter weather.

So, if you’re planning to plant a tree in Wichita this fall, it’s best to go with a native species. Here are the top eight reasons why:

#1 – Going Native Means Restoring the Natural Habitat

By planting a native tree, you’re effectively giving the local wildlife and pollinators what they’re used to. Native trees produce seeds, nectar, nuts, and fruit that support the feeding habits of local wildlife. They also provide them with adequate shelter.

#2 – Help Prevent Erosion

If you’ve ever had to deal with erosion before, then you already know it’s a real pain in the neck. When soil erodes, it can make your yard uneven and also change the flow of water. By planting native trees, you won’t have to worry about your soil eroding.

#3 – Native Means Non-Invasive

An invasive species of plant spells bad news for your other plants, effectively overtaking and killing them off. English Ivy, for instance, has amassed a reputation of being able to quickly overtake other plants in its vicinity. However, if you stick to only planting native trees, you will never have to worry about this.

#4 – Made to Handle Local Weather

Unlike palm trees, you’ll never have to worry about trees that are native to our zone succumbing to extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures that are typical for our Midwestern locale. Trees native to Zone 6 are made to handle four-season weather.

#5 – Native Trees Require No Pesticides

Another big advantage to having native trees is they don’t require the additional protection of pesticides. They have naturally adapted to defend themselves against the areas fungi, diseases, and insects.

#6 – Native Trees Require No Fertilizer

Further making tree care easier, native trees require no fertilizers because they are already adapted to the ecosystem’s soil. For tree owners who want to plant with a “set it and forget it” mentality, go with a native species of tree.

#7 – Native Trees Require Far Less Water

Yet another bonus for native trees is that they require far less water to thrive, unlike their non-native counterparts. This is because native trees have adapted to the amount of rainfall that their particular planting zone gets on an annual basis.

#8 – Save Time and Money

Considering all the tasks that you won’t have to do combined with all the additional supplies you won’t have to buy, this adds up to you saving a ton of time and money when raising a tree that’s native to the Wichita area. For those who plan to plant a tree in Wichita, tree service is far less expensive when you go with species that are native to the area.

Contact a Certified Arborist Near You for Professional Tree Service

The big advantage of working with the certified arborists at Huff’s Tree Service is that we know exactly which trees are made to thrive in Wichita and the surrounding areas. We have plenty of oaks, maples, dogwoods, and other species native to the area. Additionally, we can help you pick out a tree that is the appropriate size for your yard, which ensures that the roots and canopy don’t infringe upon your home.

We also provide a wide variety a professional tree services, including:

  • Stump grinding
  • Tree removal
  • Tree and shrub fertilizing
  • Tree trimming
  • Lot clearing
  • And more services

The best way to get in touch with us is by calling (316) 871-3841. Or you can email us directly using the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you pick out the perfect native tree to plant in your yard this fall.